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Miss A Wadman (Subject Leader)
Ms J Marsh
Mrs Z Pilgrim
In the Drama Department at Emerson Park Academy we value and promote the 4c’s: Concentration, Co-operation, Communication and Consideration. These values are the basis upon which all theatrical studies in the school are built, ensuring a caring and supportive environment within which all students can achieve.
We aim in Drama to maintain and stimulate pupil curiosity and interest in an enjoyable and practical way. We encourage a high level of pupil achievement by using a range of strategies in order to encourage and maintain pupil learning. A wide variety of work is covered to meet all needs by class, group and individual teaching.
Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural Delivery in Drama
The Emerson Park Academy Drama Department values SMSC skills for life-long learning. Each lesson students are encouraged to work together co-operatively, considering the thoughts and beliefs of others and being considerate of others’ feelings and ideas at all times. We also encourage students, through the curriculum, to consider the moralistic values on which our country is built. In year 9 in particular, students study the infamous Craig & Bentley case, and look in detail at the impact of Human Rights on society.
Literacy & Numeracy
We also believe in the importance of incorporating literacy and numeracy skills throughout the curriculum. Alongside the students’ practical learning in drama, they will be encouraged and supported to write monologues, duologues and character studies which are all checked for spelling and grammar as well as performance marks and techniques. Numeracy is also interlaced throughout the syllabus as students refer to the stage as a 3D space and are encouraged to work out rehearsal and performance times from given parameters.
  • good examination results
  • high standards
  • well-qualified and enthusiastic staff
  • modern Information Technology
  • a cohesive Creative Arts Faculty
  • close links with parents
  • care and support
  • a pleasant, calm and purposeful working environment
  • Drama Studio with stage, sound and lighting facilities & Interactive Whiteboard
  • Hall (with stage, lighting and sound systems).
  • Pavilion (second teaching space)
Each student has 2 lessons of Drama fortnight. It is a popular subject at KS3, covering a wide variety of issues and areas. Work covered ranges from issue based work, exploring topics such as bullying and divorce to more specialist drama skills such as melodrama, Shakespeare, mask work, monologues, stage fighting and script work, and introducing theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski and Brecht. At the end of KS3 all pupils will have developed a good understanding of a wide variety of drama skills and conventions and have enjoyed three years of a variety of practical and written drama work.
Drama provides a friendly, safe and productive environment in which to work and places equal emphasis on both group and learning skills. Pupils are encouraged and expected to achieve high standards in their work. Drama at Emerson Park Academy offers opportunities for all to develop their individual skills both within and outside the classroom.
Drama GCSE is a practical based course which follows on from the work that pupils have done at KS3. During this course pupils will further develop their creativity, knowledge and understanding of this subject. Pupils are given many opportunities to play a variety of roles and create and perform their own and other playwrights’ work within the classroom.

·  Drama GCSE is split between 60% coursework and 40% examination
·  Coursework (60%) consists of practical performance work and a written notebook of evidence.
·   2 units: one of which explores a selected text
·   Examination (40%) is a practical performance which can either be improvised or based on a text
·   Pupils who take GCSE Drama are encouraged and expected to achieve high standards in their work and continue to develop their appreciation and enjoyment of drama.



In the past we have had extremely successful productions of ‘Alice in’ Wonderland’, ‘Dracula’ and ‘Sparkleshark’. In recent summer concerts extracts from ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’, ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe ‘ and ‘Bed’ have been performed.
In the beginning of 2012 the drama and music departments combined forces to produce “Grease the musical” with full costume and a great deal of effort from the Art and Technology departments to provide outstanding props.  In December 2012 a whole school production of “A Christmas Carol” was performed to a large audience with great success, and in 2013 the School Christmas Play was “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”. In the Summer Term of 2014 the school produced, “Oliver” to an exceptional standard. The School Christmas Play for 2014 will be “The Box of Delights”. Students have already begun the audition and rehearsal process for this and it is set to be another excellent production.
Year 9 Drama Club runs on a Friday lunch time and is open to all year 9 pupils wishing to participate in extra-curricular drama. Each week students work on scripts and devising in preparation for the End of Year Showcase which happens in the Summer Term.
Year 7&8 Drama Club runs on a Monday lunch time and is open to all current year 8 and new year 7 students. This club also works on devised and scripted scenes from plays ready for performance in the Summer Showcase, but also gives the opportunity for year 7 students to work with and learn from year 8 students who have gained a year of confidence in Drama and Productions.
Emerson Park Academy offers lessons in Acting that are preparation for the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) Examinations. These prestigious examinations are recognised globally and require a great amount of commitment from the students to attend extra lessons and learn lines.
After 5 years of success (with 100% of students receiving a Pass or above – several of which achieving a Distinction), Emerson Park Academy is pleased to offer Acting lessons for preparation towards examination through Ms Danielle Harvey, our peripatetic LAMDA teacher.
The lessons are for 20 minutes each week and are priced at £90 per term. These lessons run over 2 terms and culminate in an exam in the Summer Term.
If you would like for your child to be entered onto the LAMDA course, please don’t hesitate to discuss this with the Head of Drama by calling the school number or asking for a LAMDA letter to be sent to you.