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Curriculum Outline 2016-17 click HERE for details

Key Objectives

Our aim is to encourage pupils to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable. We make every effort to ensure that work is stimulating and enjoyable, so that all students fully engage in the learning process. We aim to help our students:
  1. develop lively and enquiring minds, capable of questioning intelligently and arguing rationally
  2. apply themselves to tasks and develop physical skills
  3. acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment in a rapidly changing world
  4. instil respect for religious and moral values and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life
  5. understand the world in which they live, and the interdependence of individuals groups and nations
  6. use language and number effectively
Every effort is made to eliminate the ignorance and distrust which can lead to prejudice and discrimination.
The Academy attaches great importance to homework and all pupils are required to complete it. Pupils are issued with a personal planner (in which to record their homework) at the start of the autumn term. It is not our intention to overburden pupils. However, the development of self-study skills is very important. As a guide, pupils in Year 7 will receive approximately one hour of homework each evening, which increases as they advance through the Academy.
The nature of GCSE coursework in Years 10 and 11 is such that homework is greatly increased at this stage. This will include coursework and revision and examination preparation tasks. We do ask that parents help ensure that homework is completed to the highest possible standard by providing their child with a suitable, quiet place at home in which to do homework and by checking that sufficient time and attention are devoted to it. There is more emphasis on pupils managing their own deadlines during GCSE courses.
National Curriculum Key Stage 3
Years 7 – 9
On admission to the Academy, pupils are carefully allocated to mixed-ability vertical tutor groups. For the sake of continuity, pupils will normally remain in their tutor groups throughout their five years in the Academy. In Year 7, the children are taught in mixed ability groups for many subjects but are set according to ability for Maths and Modern Foreign Languages. Others subjects will set, as appropriate, as the pupil’s progress through the lower school.
The aim of the curriculum in the first three years is to provide a stimulating, broad and balanced education common to all and appropriate to their needs. The curriculum conforms to the National Curriculum and comprises; English, Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology, Geography, Drama, French, Music, History, Information Technology, Physical Education/Dance and Art/Pottery. In addition all pupils follow a programme of Cultural Studies, which includes Religious Education, Citizenship and Life Skills.
National Curriculum Key Stage 4
Years 10 – 11
Pupils all receive a broad and balanced curriculum which complies fully with the National Curriculum. We are constantly reviewing our provision for pupils in years 10 and 11. Details are available on request. All pupils have a compulsory core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT.
In addition, all pupils will follow courses in Physical Education, Religious Education and Citizenship, which includes work related learning, careers guidance and other important aspects of Personal, Social and Health Education and ICT. There is, currently, early GCSE English and Mathematics entry for the majority of pupils as appropriate.



Learning Support
The Academy assesses and monitors the progress of pupils carefully, so that underachievers and those requiring particular support are identified quickly and given the help they need. Pupils with special educational needs receive extra support in lessons or are given individual teaching in the Learning Support Centre. The Learning Support Co-ordinator is always available to meet with pupils and parents by appointment.  
External Examinations
The Academy prepares pupils for external examinations conducted by a number of examination boards. The main examination taken is the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) which pupils sit at various stages throughout Key stage 4. A number of GCSE courses are vocational in nature and lead to equivalent GCSE awards for example, BTEC Performing Arts, Diploma in Sport, Construction and Art and Design 
Faculties have chosen different examination boards on good educational grounds and in the best interests of pupils. In addition, candidates may be entered for qualifications awarded by other examining boards. All courses and qualifications are approved by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). Details of all courses offered in Key Stage 4 are available on request.
Religious Education
The Academy follows the agreed syllabus for Religious Education which has been adopted by the Local Education Authority.

Sex and Relationship Education Policy

Sex and Relationship Education is integrated into the teaching of PSHE and Science, allowing questions and answers about sexual matters to arise naturally. Parents are welcome to view any teaching materials and discuss any concerns they may have with the academy. Parents have a right to withdraw their children from the SRE section of the PSHE programme.