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Mr P Sharma (Head of Faculty)
Mr K Westwood
Mrs M Day
Mr A Kerr
Mr J Parry
Ms K Ellis

As a faculty we strive to inspire every student to reach their full mathematical potential. We aim to deliver high quality lessons that will enable students to appreciate and enjoy mathematics. Students should be able to apply their numeracy and mathematical reasoning in all subjects so that they understand and appreciate their importance. Students are encouraged to speak to staff when they require extra help, particularly with homework, which is set weekly.
Specialist rooms: B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2
Each specialist room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard. Some also have an interactive tablet. The faculty has a set of Chromebooks, which can be booked out by any teacher. Staff and students have access to appropriate teaching and learning resources including traditional textbooks, electronic books and worksheets. We also subscribe to the Mathswatch and MyMaths virtual learning environments.  
Mathswatch : https://www.mathswatchvle.com/                   
MyMaths : http://www.mymaths.co.uk/
A common syllabus is followed by pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9. However, the content varies according to the ability and knowledge of the pupil. The curriculum covered incorporates Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, Data Handling and Investigational and Problem Solving work. The learning experience includes teacher led lessons, oral work, independent study and group work. Tests are given at regular intervals and are used to help monitor and assess pupils’ progress.
At Key Stage 4 students extend and build on the knowledge, skills and understanding they have gained at Key Stage 3. For GCSE, students study at one of two levels of entry – Foundation and Higher and are entered for the Edexcel Mathematics A 1MA0 GCSE qualification. In Year 11 the most able students will be invited to complete the FSMQ Additional Mathematics 6993 (OCR) qualification.
http://www.edexcel.com            http://www.ocr.org.uk/


In order to cope successfully pupils need to bring a pen, ruler, pencil, eraser, compass, protractor and their own scientific calculator to all lessons. We recommend the CASIO FX-83GTPLUS.
Two members of our faculty hold a minibus licence and first aid certificate, allowing us to offer a range of educational trips and visits in the local area. This year, our more able students have achieved success in the UK Mathematical Challenge. We have also offered a Saturday school for gifted and talented students. In Year 11 we regularly enter a small number of students for the Additional Mathematics qualification. In previous years the faculty has run educational visits to EuroDisney, which we hope to be able to offer again in the spring of 2015.

Mathematics provides opportunities for students to:
·         Reflect on pattern, shape, sign and symbol.
·         Reflect on the idea of truth in mathematics.
·         Consider the concept of infinity in patterns and number.
·         Engage in increasingly challenging problem solving activities; persevere to overcome difficulties and experience pleasure and satisfaction in reaching a solution.
·         Consider the implications of representing people as numbers or percentages, e.g when people become mere numbers in statistics in a pie or bar chart.
·         Share a sense of wonder in the power and beauty of mathematical reasoning and argument.
·         Work with the discipline of mathematical rules and logic.
·         Wonder at the mathematical order of the world and universe.