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Physical Education


Mr A Reed (Head of PE Faculty. Physical Education Core & Extra-curricular Programme Coordinator)
Mrs A Turner (Standards & Achievement Coordinator)
Mr R Consterdine (Teacher of PE)
Mrs N Francis (More Able in PE Coordinator)
Miss C Tolan (Club Link, Student Well Being Coordinator & Sports Committee Lead)
Mr N Reynolds (PE Teacher)
Mrs A Austin - Havering Badminton Coach
Ms L Chesney – School Games Organiser
Mr J West - Chelsea Academy Football Coach
Mr R Bigwood - Chelsea Football Coach


Basketball - Havering Year 9 Final

A very exciting and competitive final was held at Bower Park on Tuesday 26th April and there were some very happy faces at the end after getting the win.   With the exception of a slight meltdown in the 2nd quarter, the boys were in front for the vast majority of the match but only just! The final quarter was EPIC beyond proportions and was 35-34 at one point. Theo Legrand and Rajan Sandhu turned on the magic with some spectacular drives and finishes to take us ahead and win the game. The whole team had to give it their all after losing to St.Eds in the league match but revenge was sweet in the end!


Congratulations to our Year 10 Boys Football Squad for their win in the Havering Semi-Final on Tuesday 26th April.  The date of the final is to be announced.

LycaMobile West Ham United Year 7 Finals

We are delighted to advise that our year 7 six a side squad has reached the final of the LycaMobile West Ham United Cup.  This will be held on Sunday 15th May from 12.30pm at the Boleyn Ground.  Parents and supporters are welcome and there is no charge for entry.

Havering Sports Collective Year 8 Young Leader's training will take place on Thursday 12th May at the Romford YMCA, 11.30am - 3.15pm.  Please would parents return the permission slip as soon as possible, thank you. 

Sainsbury's Vouchers - Dear Parents, Emerson Park Academy PE Department will gladly accept any Sainsbury's vouchers you may wish to donate, thank you. 

To view the fixtures calendar please click on this LINK

To view results please click on this LINK

Extra Curricular 2016

PE Activities September 2016 - December 2016  click here for details

Year 7 PE schedule until October half term click here for details

Boys Autumn clubs 2016 click here for details

Girls  Autumn clubs 2016 click here for details


Physical Education is a National Curriculum subject which is compulsory for all students. At Emerson Park we aim to ensure that all pupils; develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, are physically active in lessons, have opportunities to engage in competitive sports and activities, and are encouraged to lead healthy, active lives. Students are constantly monitored by the PE faculty ensuring that they are accurately challenged and that they can perform in an environment that best suits their ability. Every half term students follow and are assessed in a minimum of 2 x activities as well as participating in our Inter-House Sports competition framework in the final week of term. During this time they have a chance to demonstrate the skills that they have learnt in a competitive environment. Most of all, the emphasis is placed upon participation and enjoyment.


In Key Stage 3 Physical Education aims to provide an enjoyable, satisfying and balanced programme with opportunities for all students to develop and become more competent, confident and expert in their techniques, as well as applying their knowledge and skills across a range of sports and physical activities. Students develop their understanding of what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own and others’ work. We strongly believe the curriculum we offer nurtures the confidence and interest of our young people and encourages them to get involved in exercise, sports and activities outside of Academy life, which many do.

The curriculum offers a comprehensive range of experiences through such activities that follow themes of; Competitive Sports (Team & Individual), Outwitting Opponents, Creative Performance, Outdoor & Adventurous, and Health & Fitness. This meets the needs of individual students and encourages active involvement by all as performers, observers, leaders and officials. Structured schemes of work provide development, challenge and a sense of achievement.


Core PE

Physical Education is a compulsory subject in Years 10 and 11 and looks to build and broaden the experiences and skills that students have learnt and developed in Key Stage 3. Pupils have 2 hours of Physical Education each week and in addition get the opportunity to follow leadership pathways in sport. During this time our students work closely with our main Partner Primary Schools to deliver fun and active sessions for the pupils in our family of schools as well as supporting many sports festivals & competitions That Emerson Park lead on in the work that we deliver for the Havering Sports Collective within the local community.


GCSE Physical Education is a 2 year course and is optional for students to follow in Year 10 & 11. The subject focuses on the practical and theoretical aspects of Sport and Exercise. Students have 5 timetabled lessons over 2 weeks. Three of these lessons are practical, covering a variety of sports; Netball, Football, Rugby, Badminton, Fitness, Rounders, Trampolining, Basketball, Cricket, Climbing and Athletics. The remaining two lessons are classroom based and cover the theoretical aspects of the course.

For a copy of the specification please click here: Specification

Pupils also have to complete a Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) as part of their coursework grade.

For a copy of the PEP template please click here: PEP Template

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Beyond the PE curriculum, the academy offers a broad and inclusive extra- curricular programme that adds value to students’ sporting environment, further enriching their learning and participation. Staff work hard to provide a range of regular lunch time and after school clubs that suit the needs and interests of our students. Emerson Park Academy competes at a local, county and national standard within a range of seasonal sports and those that strive to be a member of our teams gain valuable experiences and are proud to represent their Academy.

Our typical extra-curricular programme offers such activities as Football, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket, Athletics, Hockey, Badminton, Netball, Rounders, Dance, Table Tennis, Gymnastics and Volleyball over the winter and summer months. Our most committed students are rewarded by being invited on overseas and local sports tours which are often catered for combined activities. Smaller, more local tours are also arranged such as our annual Year 8 pre-season Rugby trip to Leicester.

Emerson Park has also developed strong club links with local clubs and academies and students are encouraged to join these clubs if they are keen on taking their interests to the next level. These club links include Chelsea FC Foundation, Upminster Rugby Football Club, Campbell Netball Club (Dagenham), Emerson Eagles Badminton Club (Based at Emerson Park), Havering Athletic Club, Hornchurch Cricket Club, Jaybee Gymnastics Club (based at Emerson Park) and Essex Leopards Basketball Club. These club links allow our children to experience competitive sport in a club environment which in turn extends their enthusiasm for sport beyond Academy life.

Please follow these links for more information about the clubs mentioned above:









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