Emerson Park Academy

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Science Live       

Last week, on 2nd February, 41 science pupils from both Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE classes were taken to ‘Science Live’. This annual event enables pupils the chance to see and hear from five of Britain’s top scientists, all working at the cutting edge of their specialisms. The talks that were scheduled included issues such as time travel; genetics; climate change; space travel and genetic engineering.

The purpose of the trip was to not only raise pupils’ interest in science and consider its direct application in the real world but to also provide pupils with the tools to improve their GSCE responses. As such, pupils were able to gain direct advice from the country’s chief examiner on how to improve their GCSE science success.

The trip was successful and our pupils gained a new found sense of excitement and thought-provocation about how science really does offer solutions for many of the world’s great problems, and where their future with science might take them.