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Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to you at the end of our first half term back to say a big ‘thank you‘ to the whole school community. 

These are unprecedented times and the prospect of having more than 1000 pupils back in school after the lockdown seemed quite a task.

Changes to the school building, new timetables, ‘bubbles’, social distancing, face masks, Risk Assessments etc. were just part of the effort to get us ‘back to normal’.

Parents, Carers, Pupils and Staff have all risen to the challenge with conviction.  It is now our joint responsibility to ensure the impact of Coronavirus is minimised going forward.

Emerson Park Academy has now received the ‘catch up’ funding as announced by the government recently.

Taking into consideration the loss of our annual ‘catch up premium’ we have approximately £50 per pupil to spend.  If we were to spend this on outsourced virtual tutors each child would get around one hour (in total). 

Therefore, we are considering alternative and better use of this funding. 

We are aware of the difficulty some pupils had accessing online resources during the lockdown and we are aiming to provide packs of resources which do not require printing or photocopying.  These can be used offline and will provide work when access to online material is not possible.

In addition to a ‘Period 6’ for Year 11 pupils we are planning a scheme of ‘Revision Schools’ for our GCSE pupils.  The timing of these will be critical to gain maximum impact.  Ideally these would take place in the run up to examinations but, with the impact of the pandemic, we will have to make assumptions around the summer examination series.

We are also acquiring a number of laptops for pupils with limited access to ICT at home and we will set up a loan scheme for these devices.

We are running an in-house literacy catch up programme aimed at bridging gaps in reading and writing.

The school council are also being consulted on the activities and initiatives they feel would help them get ‘back on track’.

We have had a good first half term back and, despite ongoing effects of the pandemic (46% of secondary schools currently have pupils at home) we are moving forward with purpose.

Once again, thank you for your support, and I hope you have a restful half term break.


Scott McGuinness

Head Teacher


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Please see our GCSE Results attached to this page.