Emerson Park Academy

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The Premier League Enterprise Challenge

In a joint venture with Sport Relief, 14 year 8 students took part in a 6 week challenge co-ordinated by representatives from West Ham United Football Club.

“Our aim is to increase awareness and understanding of Business, Enterprise and/or Entrepreneurship, particularly in relation to the operations of a professional football club, whilst teaching young people about enterprise and developing life skills in the participating students.”

The West Ham Foundation Mission Statement

As part of the initiative, pupils researched how to set up a football club and make it successful with a particular focus of marketing to a particular age group. They were also given many hints and tips about how to maximise their presentation skills. In small groups they delivered a marketing presentation to a team of staff including: Mr McGuinness, Mrs Hedges and Mr Stone. After a very tough deliberation by the judges, 5 pupils were chosen as the winners.

These 5 pupils, along with Mr Stone and Mrs Hedges were invited to spend the day at West Ham United’s London Stadium on Wednesday 21st November. During the course of the day, pupils and students from various local schools and colleges delivered their presentations to the CEO of Business and the Head of Marketing of West Ham United and ex- footballer and entrepreneur Marlon Harewood. The Emerson Park Academy team gave a fantastic performance and placed a very respectful 4th.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with the representatives from the West Ham Foundation throughout year 8 and are already excited for the next learning events and trips coming up!