Emerson Park Academy

Endeavour, Persevere, Achieve

 Staff List: Teachers

Arts Faculty

Head of Music - Mr Wing

Teacher of Music - Mr Cuthbert

Acting Head of Drama - Ms Marsh

Teacher of Drama - Miss Henderson

Head of Media Studies - Mr Murphy


Business Communications and Information Faculty

Head of Faculty - Mr Galliano

Teacher - Mr Bamboye

Teacher - Mr Murray-Bruce

Teacher - Mrs Sumbal


English Faculty

Head of Faculty - Mrs Connolly

Lead Practitioner - Ms Fuller

Lead Practitioner - Ms Heatley

Lead Practitioner - Mrs Oldland

Teacher - Ms Blaize

Teacher - Ms Bree

Teacher - Miss Dolyak

Teacher - Mrs Hedges

Teacher - Ms Khanam

Teacher - Miss Maunder

Teacher - Miss Shepherd


Design Technology Faculty

Head of Faculty - Mr Dennis

Subject Leader for Art - Mr Sunday

Teacher of Food Technology - Mr Allon

Teacher of Textiles - Miss Boyse

Teacher of DT - Mrs Day

Teacher of DT and Construction - Mr Oakins

Teacher of Art - Miss Lines


Humanities Faculty

Head of Faculty (and Head of History) - Mr Portch

Lead Practitioner - Humanities - Mrs Goodyear

Lead Practitioner - Geography - Miss Coleman

Lead Practitioner - Geography - Mr Thurley

Teacher of History - Mrs Caffull

Teacher of History - Mrs Crawley

Teacher of History - Ms Keegan

Teacher of History - Mr Wheatley

Teacher of History - Mrs Ragbir

Teacher of Geography - Mr Harris

Teacher of Geography - Mr Hope


Maths Faculty

Head of Faculty - Mr Sharma

Second in Faculty - Mr Kerr

Teacher - Mrs Day

Teacher - Mrs Ellis

Teacher - Mrs Lindsay

Teacher - Mr Maguire

Teacher - Mr McGuinness

Teacher - Ms Mitcheson

Teacher - Mr Parry

Teacher - Mrs Simmonds

Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Faculty - Miss Binnington

Second in Faculty - Mr Deane

Teacher - Mrs Beattie

Teacher - Mrs Egleton


Physical Education

Acting Head of Faculty - Mr Reynolds

Teacher - Miss Edwards

Teacher - Mrs Francis

Teacher - Mr Harris

Teacher - Mr Higgins

Teacher - Mr Stone

Teacher - Miss Tolan

Teacher - Mrs Turner

Teacher - Mr Wheeler


Science Faculty

Head of Faculty - Mrs Gallimore

Lead Practitioner - Mr Murray

Teacher - Mr Brickley

Teacher - Ms Fullerton

Teacher - Mr Hunt

Teacher - Ms Palm

Teacher - Mr Vango


Social Science

Head of Faculty - Ms Hampton

Teacher of Cultural Studies / Health and Social Care - Mrs Crawley

Teacher of Cultural Studies - Mr Murphy



Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Head of Faculty - Mrs Egleton


Heads of Year

Year 7 - Mrs Mallen

Year 8 - Mrs Hedges

Year 9 - Miss Tolan

Year 10 - Mr Deane

Year 11 - Mrs Freeman