Emerson Park Academy

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Charity Work

The COVID-19 situation has meant that we have had to make a few changes to our charity work this year, however, we continue to support various charities and have a number of innovative schemes in place. 


FoodBank Toy Appeal and Metropolitan Police Christmas Tree Appeal

This year our annual FoodBank collection received the most amount of donations ever, so we thank our community for that. We are now going to extend our work for the local FoodBanks and ask our community to bring in a present for a child. The present must be new, unwrapped and in the original packing. 

The presents donated will be divided between the local FoodBanks and the Metropolitan Police Christmas Tree Appeal and will be given to those in need locally. 


Classrooms to Care Homes Appeal

We are also asking pupils to give up some time this year and connect with local care homes. Pupils can do this in a variety of ways:

  • writing a letter to those in care homes;
  • creating a poem or piece of artwork;
  • recording themselves singing or playing music;
  • sending them jokes to make them laugh.

Pupils can see Miss Fuller or Miss Shepherd for more details. 

There is a PowerPoint attached to this page that has more details about the loneliness being experienced at the present time by those in care.