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Form Activities and Assemblies 2019/20

Our form activities and assemblies play an integral role in our pupil welfare and development each week, as well as being part of our PSHE programme. Each week the form activity and assembly aim to support the pupils in either their spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional or social development. 

Examples of topics covered are: online safety, social interactions, mental health, enrichment, global citizens and safety whilst out and about. 

Form activities usually have an accompanying powerpoint presentation, these are uploaded to this section for community use. Parents/ carers will be informed of the topic for the week via Parentmail and Twitter and are then able to discuss the issues with their children at home. Additionally, if a pupil is absent they will still be able to engage with the form activity for the week. 

Please note that both assemblies and form activities are subject to change at short notice, depending on the needs of the community.

Week Beginning Topic for assemblies this week Form Activity this week
9th September Welcome back - Head Teacher The new year ahead
16th September Welcome back - Head of Year Social media use
23rd September

Monday - Year 11 - Interview Skills

Tuesday - Year 7 - Mr McGuinness

Weds, Thurs, Fri - Years 9, 8 and 7 - European Day of Languages - Ms Binnington

Being Kind - No Outsiders
30th September

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance

Ms Hampton

Year 10 - Duke of Edinburgh Award - Ms Palm

Careers Profile 
7th October Black History Month World Mental Health Day
14th October The Emerson Plastic Programme Poverty - Food Bank Appeal
Half Term    
28th October Mr Maguire - Ghana Trip SMSC including British Values
4th November

Monday - Year 11 - The Emerson Park Plastic Programme.

No other assemblies this week due to mock examinations. 


11th November Anti-bullying week  The EPA Community Website
18th November

Careers Assemblies

Global Entrepreneurs

Mr Giles

Careers Profile
25th November No Outsiders Financial and Consumer Matters
2nd December No assemblies this week. Insurance Policies
9th December Mock examinations Staying safe whilst out and about
16th December Mock examinations Season of goodwill
Week Beginning Assembly Topics Form Activity Topics
6th January 2020


13th January 2020

Monday - Year 11 - College Transfer

Monday - Year 9 - Knife Crime Workshops

Tuesday - Year 10/ Year 11 - County Lines

Wednesday Year 9 - Pride Assembly

Thursday Year 8 - Pride Assembly

Friday - Year 7 - Pride Assembly

20th January 2020

Monday - Year 10 - Pride Assembly

Tuesday - Year 11 - Pride Assembly

Wednesday - Year 7 - Action Stations

Thursday - Year 8 - Resilience

Friday - Inset Day

Social Media - top tips
27th January 2020

Holocaust Memorial Day

Health and Safety in the Workplace
3rd February 2020

Monday - Year 11 - Careers/ Interviews

Tuesday - Year 10 - Head of Year

Wednesday - Year 7 - Extended Project

Thursday - No assembly - exams

Friday - No assembly - exams

Health and Safety in the Workplace
10th February 2020

Monday - Year 11 - NCS - Challenge

Tuesday - Year 10 - Careers

Wednesday - Year 9 - Careers

Thursday - Year 8 - Careers

Friday - Year 7 - Nurture

Careers Portfolio - employability skills
Week Beginning Assembly Form Activity Topics
24th February 2020 Mr Maguire Scatter Kindness
2nd March 2020 No Assemblies - mock examinations Coronavirus
9th March 2020

Monday - Year 11 - Drapers' Sixth Form

Tuesday to Friday Mrs Day - Targets

Workplace Hazard Signs
16th March 2020

Monday - Inset Day

Tuesday - Year 11 - HoY - Mrs Hedges

Wednesday - No assembly

Thursday - Year 8 - HoY - Mrs Freeman

Friday - Year 7 - HoY - Mrs Mallen

Careers Portfolio
23rd March 2020

Mr Oakins - Behaviour Policy

Behaviour - Responsibilities in class
30th March 2020 Revision - Mrs Crawley Reflection on Spring Term