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Monitoring your child's online world

It can sometimes feel as though your child is one step ahead when it comes to monitoring their online world, here are some concerns that you may or may not be aware of.

  • Children can often access a neighbours wi-fi when parents/ carers turn theirs off.
  • Children often have devices that their parents/ carers are unaware of. 
  • Children often have more than one Instagram account (or any other social media they use). 
  • Children, whilst aware of the grooming process, are easily flattered and unaware that they are being groomed (both online and in the real world). 
  • Children talk to each other in codes.


You can buy Apps to help you monitor your child's online world. Screentime is recommended by staff at EPA. 

Here are some links to helpful websites.

Secret codes

Emoji codes




Below you can find the powerpoint used at our UK Safer Internet Day for Parents/ Carers.