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Family Well-Being

Edition 2: 30th March 2020

The current Covid-19 crisis is changing daily.  This week our hope is to help you find a sense of calm amongst all the uncertainties.  

Keep your days varied, try splitting your days into 5 chunks. Think about how you can make the most of the physical space where you live. If possible, work together to organise your days – perhaps via a family timetable (attached to the fridge door!).

It may help to create time slots for mealtimes, homework, friends (even if via social media), exercise, TV, etc, and do make sure you all maintain good sleep habits.

A useful blog: How to Keep Mentally Healthy in Uncertain Times by the fabulous Frederika Roberts and Adrian Bethune https://www.actionforhappiness.org/news/how-to-keep-mentally-healthy-during-uncertain-times 

We may be social distancing, but social conversation is a must: try using Zoom, Skype or Facetime to see a face and hear a familiar voice.

For children

For children dealing with bereavement Child Bereavement UK and Hope Again

#MindfulnessForChildrenChallenge starting on Sunday 29th March organised by Tammie Prince (Headteacher, author and authority on mindfulness) https://educationsvoice.wordpress.com/2020/03/25/mindfulness-mindfulness-for-children-covid-19/

Joe Wicks will be running a 30 minute online PE lesson from 9am every morning.


For parents

Talking to children about the virus – advice video for adults:


How families can cope with self-isolating together:


Free online learning resources:



Top Tips for   Homeschooling from Clare Erasmus

1. Don’t try to replicate school.

2. There is learning to be found in the garden, kitchen, news and  documentaries.

3. Build relationships & play games together.

4. Be flexible.

5. Look after your wellbeing; take a siesta. 

For everyone

Whilst you still can, take advantage of getting outside and using an open space. Just a few minutes of fresh air and exercise each day can make a huge difference to your mental and physical health.

Though it is important to keep in touch with everyone, manage your screentime and try to avoid ‘fake news’ and rumour about the current situation.

Catch up on some reading instead.

Remember that phones can also be used for talking to people. Who would appreciate a call from you?

Kooth is an online counselling service for young people - click on the link to find out more.