Emerson Park Academy

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Year 10

A message to Year 10 from Head of Year - Miss Dolyak

Dear Year 10, 

After 6 months away, you are about to return to school in the next phase of your school journey - Key Stage 4. This year will be a little different from what we are all used to, so I wanted to touch base with you before you return on Monday to let you know what to expect. Firstly, please make sure you have read all of the information that has already been sent out on Parentmail and the school website.


From Monday 7th September: 

  •  You will be in a KS4 bubble with Year 11. This means that you have been allocated certain classrooms and outside space that is separate from the other bubbles. There are allocated entrances to the school for KS3 and KS4. As you are now KS4, you must enter at the far end of the school at the bottom of the A Corridor (next to F2). From here you must go straight out to the Quad area near the H block - this is where your year group will spend any recreational time during the school day. 
  • Most of your lessons will take place in the new H block. The only time you will leave the H block will be to go to lessons in specialist subject areas, such as: Science, Food Technology, Construction, Art/Photography and PE. These areas will only be in use by students in KS4.
  • The timings of the school day have changed slightly in order to facilitate the changes in the way we will be moving around the school. One of these changes is the slight reduction in break and lunchtimes. During break time, you will not have access to the canteen, so you will need to bring a snack. Lunchtime will only be 30 minutes. Where possible, we would prefer you to bring a packed lunch. However, if you do wish to order from the canteen, you must do so by pre-ordering during form time. The canteen will be operating a 'Grab-and-Go' service. Please ensure you have money on your account in order to collect your food. 
  • Please remember that all normal academy standards will apply upon your return. We expect you to arrive on time and fully equipped. You must be dressed in full school uniform. It's important that you remember that the following are not acceptable: 

- Trainers

- Jewellery

- Extreme hairstyles and colours

- False Nails

- Nail varnish

- False Lashes

  • Face masks will be a mandatory requirement for all students when moving around the school. The Head has requested that students wear either a plain navy mask or a disposable surgical mask. If you have been made exempt from wearing a face mask, please bring a letter from home or ask your parents to contact the school or me directly. 
  • ‚ÄčOn  Monday morning, there will be an extended form time with your tutor. As well as getting to know your timetable, this will allow your tutors to go through all of the information you will need to be aware of while at school. If you have any questions or concerns, you can use this time to discuss them with your form tutor. 

Your new Form rooms are as follows:

10B1 - Mrs Caffull - H1

10B2 - Ms Hachad - H2

10C1 - Mr Sharma - H4

10C2 - Ms Shepherd - H8

10H1 - Mr Dennis - H5

10H2 - Mr Brickley - S5

10R1 - Mr Vango - S8

10R2 - Mr Cuthbert - H7

You must all understand that, in order to keep us all safe, we must follow these new school rules and work together in a mature and sensible way. In these new and difficult times, we do not need poor behaviour and a lack of organisation to make things more difficult. You are returning as Year 10 students, and while this brings its own set of challenges, we will be expecting more from you in terms of co-operation and behaviour than ever before. The Year 10 team and your teachers will, of course, be here for you in order to make the transition to KS4 and the return to school as smooth as possible.  

I look forward to seeing you and welcoming you all back on Monday, 

Miss Dolyak.