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Year 11 BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Set-Task (Non-exam Assessment) Component 3 ‘Create a Media Product in response to a brief’

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This event will take place on 30/04/2024 until 01/05/2024

NB: Set Task/Exam will take place in Room H7 & C7


Students should talk with their subject teacher regarding times and other arrangements for the set-task.

Please note, students MUST attend all three sessions to complete Component 3 of the BTEC Award.


Dates are as follows:

Set-Task One – 5 hours (Computer Room H7)

  • Tuesday 19th March                Periods 1 to 5             Group 11A
  • Wednesday 20th March          Periods 1 to 5              Group 11D      

Set-Task Two – 5 hours (Computer Room C7)        

  • Tuesday 30th April                   Periods 1 to 5              Group 11A
  • Wednesday 1st May                Periods 1 to 5              Group 11D