Emerson Park Academy

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Golden Tickets

This half-term we launched our exciting new Golden Tickets.

Golden Tickets are awarded to any pupil inside or outside the classroom who have gone ‘Above and Beyond’ usual expectations. Pupils can be awarded a Golden Ticket for a broad range of reasons from an outstanding piece of work, improved behaviour, an act of kindness, acting responsibly, making a positive contribution to the school community etc. Each week all teaching and support staff receive one Golden Ticket which can be awarded at any point during the week. The pupil posts their ticket in the Golden Post-box and waits to see if they are the lucky winner of a £30 Amazon voucher at the end of the week. So far, over 300 tickets have been awarded for a variety of reasons and £120 in prizes have been claimed! Congratulations to all our Golden Ticket winners, we are very proud of all your achievements!