Emerson Park Academy

Endeavour, Persevere, Achieve

A message from Mr McGuinness regarding GCSE Results

Pupils at Emerson Park Academy have managed to achieve an outstanding set of GCSE results in 2022.

This year group have overcome so many challenges with the pandemic causing so much disruption. Yet the hard work and perseverance of pupils, staff and parents has finally reaped rich rewards for the amazing pupils of this school.

The school has, once again, achieved results that would place them above national averages in all headline measures for the sixth year running. 

This is a remarkable achievement and shows that academic success has now become the norm in this fantastic establishment.

The perseverance, resilience and continual drive for academic excellence has really paid off.

We also receive information about our alumni and their respective successes at A Level.  We are delighted that so many of them achieved such high grades and will now be taking places at top universities.

To overcome such enormous challenges fills every member of the Emerson Park Academy community with a huge sense of achievement and, as Head Teacher, I could not be more proud of them.

This has been a colossal effort and a shining example of how teamwork can pay off.  Parents, Carers, family members and friends have also played an integral role in the success and should take great credit for their support.

We now look forward to the next academic year with a strong track record to maintain.  We have proven our credentials in the examination hall and long may this continue.

We wish all of our pupils good luck in their endeavours and we are sure there will be great things ahead for them all.