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Letter to Parents

Dear Parents/Carers,

Many thanks for your support during this increasingly difficult time.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have experienced a steady increase in the number of cases in the local community.

The number of staff being asked to self-isolate and the number of pupils doing the same has risen and, after a relatively stable start to the term, this is now causing a strain on resources.

When whole classes are at home the provision of remote learning is made easier, as staff can focus solely on this aspect.  When a large number of pupils are still in school it makes the task more challenging as those present need teaching and supervising.

At the same time as providing remote and in-school learning, the teaching staff are providing ‘catch up’ lesson to Year 11.  These have been impacted by reported positive cases and our mock exam schedule has also been disrupted.

I have had a number of staff with young families finding it very difficult when their own children from other schools have been sent home.  Fortunately, grandparents and extended family members have managed to help in some cases.

Should the cases in the community continue to rise and resources get stretched even further it may be necessary to create a rota system where specific year groups work remotely on given days.

There are many schools that have taken decisions to close for a variety of reasons, ranging from lack of staff to the need for further deep cleaning.  I have avoided this to date but we are reaching a point where it is difficult to function without some changes to the way we operate.

We will try everything we can to keep the education of our pupils as our prime concern and I am sure, with your support, we can get through these difficult times and look forward to a bright future.

Thanks again and I will update you as our responses develop.


Scott McGuinness

Head Teacher




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