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Ms Hampton is the Careers Leader for Emerson Park Academy

My name is Ms C Hampton and I am the person in charge of Careers at Emerson Park Academy. I am passionate about my role and aim to ensure that every pupil in the school receives the education, information, advice and guidance they deserve, so that they can make the best choices for their future. If you have any queries about our Careers programme please feel free to contact me by through the usual routes, or by email. The address is as follows:


At Emerson Park Academy all pupils receive a variety of activities that aim to inspire and prepare them for their next steps and the world of work beyond. Throughout the year a number of form activities and assemblies are put in place to encourage pupils to consider their future. There are also a variety of trips to workplaces, colleges, and universities throughout the year. Additionally, many activities are in place to enable pupils to develop workplace skills such as: ICT, organisation, teamwork and leadership. 


It is the aim of Emerson Park Academy to give pupils the knowledge, tools and guidance that they need to make the best choices possible about their future careers. We encourage the pupils to aim high, be informed about the different opportunities’ available post 16 and be aware about the ways in which their learning links to the world of work.


Useful Websites for pupils and parents

National Careers Service

National Apprenticeships Service

Careers Advice for Parents


If you would like information about applying for jobs and interview skills, take a look at the Prospects website; https://www.prospects.ac.uk/



Meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks

1 - A stable careers programme.

All years receive a variety of form activities and assemblies throughout the year. Additionally, each year group has drop down sessions in the Hall to explore an area of careers and enterprise. Each Year 9 pupil has a careers interview as part of the Options process. The college transfer process follows procedures for being independent and impartial.

2 - Learning from career and labour market information.

Year 11 Moving On sessions are impartial and independent and contain career and market labour information. Year 11 College Transfer evening gives pupils and parents a chance to see the offers from the colleges. A variety of school sixths forms visit Year 11 in assembly time. Year 11 are encouraged to visit as many 16-18 providers as possible, open events are published to parents and pupils and reminded via Twitter and parentmail.

Year 9 have form activities at option time with career path information. Year 9 also have an options evening whereby they can discuss progression in their areas of interest with staff.

Careers Fairs take place biannually.

3 - Addressing the needs of each pupil.

Individual meetings are given to all Year 11s with a Prospects careers adviser. Individual meetings are given to all Year 9s as part of the Options process. The Targeted Toolkit is used to identify potential NEET pupils and interventions are put in place.

Assemblies, workshops and form activities challenge stereotypes. Destination data is kept and maintained.

4 - Linking curriculum learning to careers.

Our curriculum planning draws on data from the pupil voice and is tailored to meet their future needs. This in turn enables our pupils to achieve their career pathways.

Several faculties have wall displays that link curriculum to careers. Employability skills are delivered across all subjects. Links to work are made throughout a variety of SOW across all subjects.

For example: in Year 9 pupils create a business plan to raise money for a charity, they then work as a team to present their work on Charity Night. 

STEM has an appointed leader who leads a variety of projects throughout the year and form activities for all take place.

You can photos of our Digital Day here.

5 - Encounters with employers and employees.

Biannual Careers Fair takes place.

Some subjects offer trips to places of work.

6 - Experiences of workplaces.

Some subjects offer trips to relevant workplaces.

7 - Encounters with further and higher education.

There are a variety of trips in place, mostly for Year 10s and 11s.

A variety of evening events and assemblies are in place for Year 11 College Transfer.

A variety of trips to universities take place.

Photos of our trip to Wadham College, Oxford are here.

8 - Personal guidance.

Personal careers advice is given to all Year 11s and all Year 9s.


Measuring the impact of our careers programme

At EPA we use both the pupil and parent voice to measure the impact of our careers programme.

Additionally, we analyse both 'intended destination data' and 'destination data' to consider the impact of our careers advice and guidance.

Our careers programmes are reviewed in the Summer Term each year.

Our staff can access details about delivering careers education on our school Intranet.