Emerson Park Academy

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Charity Work

Throughout the year EPA support a number of charities in a variety of ways. Year 9 have a charity night, during which they choose a charity to raise awareness of (see more details here) and there are a number of fundraising events.

The pupil versus the staff penalty shoot out, on Friday 15th November, was a roaring success; with over £75 raised in aid of ‘Children In Need’. There were more than 50 pupils of all ages able to take a shot (or three) against an array of staff. The event was organised and supervised by the Prom Committee and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff who came along and supported this event. Special thanks go to our staff goalies: Mr Murray, Mr Brickley, Mr Higgins, Mr Hunt, Mr Wing, Mr Thurley, Mr Vango, Miss Boyse and Miss Henderson.