Emerson Park Academy

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College Transfer

In Year 11 the pupils will begin their college transition. Young people are required to participate in education or training until they are 18 years old, and this can be done by following a number of different pathways. For example, pupils can follow the traditional academic route of studying A levels, or they may opt to study for a vocational qualification, such as the new T levels, which combines traditional learning, and work experience.

In the autumn term the pupils will receive information about their possible options once they move on from Emerson Park Academy. This will be done mainly through form time when they will have a number of assemblies and presentations throughout the term. They will receive a Moving On Guide book which contains a number of helpful websites, and information about the different study and training options on offer. (Please see the booklet attached below from last academic year, 2020/2021). If pupils need extra support, they can ask to see our Prospects Careers Advisor who is in the school once a week.

The best way to get an idea about what schools and colleges offer is to visit them on their open events. We encourage our students to visit as many schools and colleges as possible, although Covid has meant that many of these open events didn’t take place in 2020/2021, and may not do so this academic year also. However, the pupils can look at the websites for the many virtual events that will take place, and we have presentations and virtual assemblies throughout the term from post 16 providers to help pupils in their decision-making.

Pupils can apply to as many providers as they like, but we ask for everyone to apply to one of the local colleges; Havering Sixth Form College, or Havering College of further and higher education. These colleges are now part of the New City College. These colleges work to ensure that pupils are guaranteed a place, which for many will serve as a safety net. However, you can only secure a place by making an application, and for many courses you will still be required to meet certain criteria.