Emerson Park Academy

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College Transfer

During Year 11 pupils make choices as to which pathway they will take when they leave Emerson Park Academy. Each Year 11 pupil has been given a 'Moving On' booklet to support them with this decision. The College Transfer process is a little different in 2020/21 due to the current COVID-19 situation. Visiting places of further education is not possible, so using institution websites to find out what is available is of paramount importance.

Year 11s should consider what they aim to do at 18, in order to make the right decision about their 16 to 18 study programme.

 https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/ this website may offer some support in the decision making process.

As pupils of Emerson Park Academy, Year 11 are offered a place at New City College, Havering. Their website is here, https://www.ncclondon.ac.uk/colleges-week2020 .


Pupils may also choose to study at a local school with a Sixth Form, such as The Campion School, Drapers Academy, Coopers' Company and Coborn, Francis Bardsley, St. Edwards School, The Ursuline School and Shenfield School. Pupils must ensure they visit the websites of these schools to find out what is required for the application process and when their deadlines are.