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The Computer Science curricula are attached below. 

In today’s ever-changing world with technological advances alongside the Global Pandemic event, it has been necessary  for us at Emerson Park Academy to ‘Think Outside The Box’ and provide our students with life skills they can use straight from the classroom to tackle such eventualities.

 In our Computer Science classes, we have incorporated into our curriculum a unit of work called: “The Virtual Reality 360 Project”.

In this unique mini course only available at EPA for our year 11’s and year 10’s we introduce skills to create business solution alternatives to actually visiting locations for tourism, excursions, holidays and museums.

Virtual reality immerses the individual into cyberspace giving the illusion of actually being somewhere else entirely. We teach our students to edit by adding text, images and even additional video clips to provide a bespoke new tech solution to staying inside during lockdown.

Head of Computer Science

Emerson Park Academy