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Free Courses for Parents/Carers

We have joined forces with Creative Education to allow you to access free courses that you might find useful in supporting your child, their learning and also their welfare. 

To join Creative Education, your membership is a simple three-step process before you can fully access the library,


  1. Ensure you are signed in with your free account.
    1. If you haven’t got a free account, this is where you can sign up https://www.creativeeducation.co.uk/register/free-access/
  2. Click the link below.



  1. Fill in the form with our school information, make sure you tick the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and submit.

If you are struggling to sign up to your membership, please find a helpful Knowledge Article with video linked below,

How do I sign up to my Community Membership?

And that’s it! You are part of the Creative Education School's Community Membership and have access to the parent/carer course library.

You can access your parent/carer courses in two ways,

    1. When logged in, hover the mouse above the ‘On Demand Courses’, and then click Parent and Carer.
    2. When logged in follow the below link, on this page you will be able to filter further - *please ensure that the Membership filter is set to Parent and Carer/Community Membership


If you would still like further support, Creative Education have a support desk that you can ask questions. Please fill in the below form and include as much detail of the issue as possible.