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Emma is a fantastic Ice hockey player, who has been playing as a Netminder for 6 years. She even has a clip on YouTube, with over 311,000 views including lots of fantastic comments from as far afield as Canada the home of Ice Hockey!

During 2016, Emma racked up a range of achievements including: playing in the National Finals for Chelmsford (one of the top four teams in the country); winning the National Finals with the Bracknell Ice Bees girls team; representing the South East U13 Team in the Sheffield Conference Tournament, the England U13 Development Team in Prague and the England U14 Girls team in Finland. Finally, she finished top of the statistics table for U13 Netminders with a save rate of 93.5%. A truly amazing accomplishment.

In recent months, Emma again went to the National finals with both Chelmsford and the Bracknell Ice Bees; represented the South East Conference team in Sheffield; played in Prague with the England U13 team; played for the GB U16 girls in Nottingham and has been selected to go to the School of Excellence in Hull where the England U15 girls team will be selected for this year's trip to Finland.

This year she is again top of the statistics table improving her save rate to 94.1%.

Emma's aim is to one day play hockey for Team GB.

Please see the following link to view Emma’s YouTube clip:

Emma Nichols - Hockey