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The Aims of the History Department at Emerson Park Academy

In the History Department we hope to bring the world of history alive with courses that are interesting, informative and enjoyable. Pupils are encouraged to be independent learners, to develop their own views on the past and, just as importantly, understand how the issues from the past are often relevant to our lives today.

We endeavour to use a wide range of activities to ensure all pupils have access to the work we undertake and are able to show the wide range of skills we know our pupils possess. Above all, the History Department hopes to provide pupils with a genuine interest in history!

History’s place in the curriculum

History is a popular subject throughout the school and many students opt for the GCSE course. Students are encouraged to investigate the past and understand the way that it has been interpreted differently by different people at different times. They develop skills of source analysis and evaluation, the ability to make judgements about the purpose of a piece of evidence, its usefulness and reliability, along with the ability to carry out enquiries and formulate judgements on the causes and consequences of events.

Our historians are encouraged to apply higher-order thinking skills to problems and to be able to explain how relations between people, religions and countries have changed over time as a result of specific events.


Mrs C. Caffull Head of History

Mr A. Paterson

Mr R.Nelson

Mrs A. Ragbir

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