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Online support for pupils

The online world is exciting and full of information and opportunities, additionally, it is full of risks and threats to your safety. In order to help you here are 10 tips.

  1. If you have any concerns about anything you have encountered online tell a parent/ carer, member of staff or police officer.
  2. If you are out and about and you feel threatened due to something online (or something in the real world) call 101 to discuss the matter with your local police, they are there to help you and you will find them supportive. 
  3. Turn all devices off at night and get a good sleep - this is important for your physical and mental health. 
  4. Remember there is no tone to conversations online and many comments can be taken the wrong way, if you feel stressed, stop and turn off the phone. Tell an adult if you feel you need support. 
  5. Do not get involved in anything to do with 'sexting' and 'nudes', a moment of what seems like fun can cause you a lot of upset and stress. Please tell an adult if you have sent a 'nude' so that you can be supported.
  6. Do not ask for a 'nude' as you are asking for an indecent image of a child and this is a crime.
  7. If someone sends you a 'nude' delete it straight away. If you edit it, you have then created an indecent image of a child. If you send it to someone else, you are then spreading an indecent image of a child, these are crimes.
  8. Do not make offensive comments to people (online or in the real world), one comment can cause someone a great deal of distress and lead to mental health issues in the future. 
  9. Do not make racist or homophobic remarks, not only are these unacceptable, they may come back to haunt you in the future. 
  10. Remember - what you do online, stays online, possibly forever. So ensure your digital footprint is positive and helpful, not negative and abusive. 


Some websites to help you.