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Performing Arts

In the Performing Arts Faculty are three subjects: Drama, Media and Music


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At EPA pupils can have LAMDA lessons which are specialised acting examinations that they prepare for outside of lessons. 

On July 11th 2021 some of our LAMDA students completed their acting exams. The students have been rehearsing and preparing for their exam for a number of months, and all worked incredibly hard. We are thrilled to say that all of our students passed with Distinctions. Congratulations to Eden on gaining your level 6 award. (Year 11) Millie, on gaining your level 3 award. (Year 11)Scarlet on gaining your level 5 award (Year 11) and Alice on gaining your level 2 award (year 9) This is a fantastic achievement! 


‚ÄčThe LAMDA acting exam develops students’ confidence, as well as their performance skills.  

We have offered LAMDA with Mrs Pilgrim at Emerson Park Academy for the last eight years and have a 100% pass rate. 

We have another 12 students taking their exams in November.

If your child has an interest in performing arts or would like to gain more confidence please contact Miss Henderson in drama for more information.