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Physical Education

Dear Parents & Carers,

I would like to take this opportunity to make our kit requirements and ‘taking part’ policy clear and ask that parents/carers support the school by ensuring that these policies are adhered to. 

The types of kit required may vary depending on the activity and the full kit list can be seen below. Some activities such as rugby, football and hockey will require protective items of clothing and these extra items will also need to be supplied so that students can engage safely in PE.

The full kit list required is:

EPA Tracksuit

EPA long sleeve reversible top

EPA short sleeve polo top

EPA blue shorts

EPA long socks

White trainer socks

Football boots (for Rugby and other activities that take place on the field)

Trainers (suitable trainers for indoor activity)

Gum shield (must be worn for Rugby and Hockey)

Shin Pads (must be worn for Football and Hockey)

House Top (required for Inter-House competition)

All pupils will be informed of the kit they require for activities at the start of each half term.

The ‘taking part policy’

The PE department operates a kit policy. All students are expected to bring their PE kit to every lesson even when the students are not participating due to illness or minor injury. This allows students to take a more active role in the lesson either as an umpire or a coach. It also promotes full integration within the lesson and prevents students from feeling like outsiders when they do not have their kit. In the case of extreme injury i.e. a broken leg requiring crutches, students will not be expected to change into their kit.

If a student has lost their PE kit or is waiting for a new kit then we will be able to lend kit for that particular lesson but once again, a note must be provided first.

If a pupil simply forgets their kit or does not bring it in, they will face a sanction and be expected to borrow kit which will enable them to take part. Any refusal to borrow or take part will be treated as ‘refusal to follow instructions’ and a further sanction will be received.


PE Kit Labelling

It is important that all students’ PE kit is clearly labelled with a tag or label inside each item.  It is not uncommon for PE kit to get mixed up in the changing rooms and pupils will often struggle to get kit back to its rightful owners if left behind or lost and I must stress that labelling PE kit with a marker pen is not an effective way of identifying belonging.


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PE Staff

Mr N Reynolds - Head of Faculty 

Mrs A Turner - Head of Girls PE

Mrs N Francis - Gifted and Talented

Ms M. Fraser  - Teacher of PE

Miss C Tolan - PE Teacher & Head of Year 11

Mr S Higgins - PE Teacher & Assistant Head of Year

Mr J Harris - PE and Geography Teacher & Head of Year 8

Mr L Stone - Teacher of PE, Maths

Mr S Wheeler - PE Teacher & Cover Supervisor


                    Boys                                                  Girls 




*All years Table tennis

*KS3 Basketball Shooting club


*All years Table tennis

After school

All years Rugby

Year 10/11 Netball





Year 7 Football

Year 9 Football

Year 8 Basketball



After school



Year 9 Girls Basketball

Year 7 and 8 Netball




Before School


  Year 8 Football





Year 10 and 11 Basketball

*All years Table tennis

*All years Table tennis

After School

Year 7 Basketball

All years Girls Football






*All years Table tennis

Year 9 Basketball

*All years Table tennis

Year 9 Girls Netball





Before School



Year 10 Football




*GCSE students Table tennis

Year 11 Football

*GCSE students Table tennis