Emerson Park Academy

Endeavour, Persevere, Achieve

Policies and Guidelines


  1. Academy Admission Arrangements 2022-2023pdf FileDownload 
  2. Academy Admission Arrangements 2023-2024pdf FileDownload 
  3. Academy Admission Arrangements 2024-2025pdf FileDownload 
  4. Acceptable Use Policy - All School Staff Governors Volunteers Agreement - Reviewed March 2023pdf FileDownload 
  5. Acceptable Use Policy for EPS Pupils- March 20223pdf FileDownload 
  6. Anti Bullying Policypdf FileDownload 
  7. Attendance Policy - COVID-19 Addendum - Oct 20pdf FileDownload 
  8. Attendance Policy 2021 21-07-21 - FINALISEDpdf FileDownload 
  9. Behaviour - Expectationspdf FileDownload 
  10. Behaviour Policy March 2023pdf FileDownload 
  11. Careerspdf FileDownload 
  12. Charging and Remissions Policypdf FileDownload 
  13. Children Missing Education Policypdf FileDownload 
  14. COMPLAINTS POLICYpdf FileDownload 
  15. Cycling to School Contractpdf FileDownload 
  16. Data Protection Policypdf FileDownload 
  17. Elective Home Education Policypdf FileDownload 
  18. EPA GDPR Privacy Noticepdf FileDownload 
  19. Equality Policy 2021-22docx FileDownload 
  20. Freedom Of Information Policypdf FileDownload 
  21. Keeping_children_safe_in_education_2022pdf FileDownload 
  22. Menopause Policydocx FileDownload 
  23. Online Safety Policypdf FileDownload 
  24. Parent Behaviour Policypdf FileDownload 
  25. Relationships and Sex Education Policypdf FileDownload 
  26. Safeguarding and Child Protectionpdf FileDownload 
  27. Schools Whistleblowing Managing Allegations and Low Level Concernspdf FileDownload 
  28. SEND Information Report 2021-22pdf FileDownload 
  29. SEND Policypdf FileDownload 
  30. Supporting Pupils At School with Medical Conditionspdf FileDownload 
  31. Working_together_to_safeguard_children_inter_agency_guidancepdf FileDownload 
  32. Preventing Radicalisation Policy updated Sept 2023pdf FileDownload