Emerson Park Academy

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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


Mrs J. Egleton   - Head of Learning Support (SENCo)/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms E. Fuller - Lead Practitioner for Special Educational Needs

Mrs J. Bailey – Teacher of English Interventions 

Mrs D. Jones – Teacher of Maths and Maths Interventions

Mrs H. Sillett - iClass manager


Mrs T. Clarke – Maths 

Mrs A. Hall – Medical and Emotional Learning Support Assistant (ELSA)

Mrs T. Hammond – Science

Mrs K. Orme – English

Teaching Assistants

Mrs R. Murray

Mrs K. Pycock

Mrs K. Roach

We aim to provide suitable provision that caters for the needs of individual students within an inclusive, mainstream environment, complemented by additional interventions in small groups or one-to-one tuition when appropriate. We are fortunate to have an experienced team of talented and caring staff, and most members of the Learning Support Team are based in specific faculties, so that our students are supported by staff who have training and expertise in focused subject areas and key stages, whilst some staff support literacy across the curriculum.

Liaison with junior schools, outside agencies and external support services is a high priority in order to ensure that the support of students with Special and Additional Needs is maximised.  The Learning Support Faculty has close links with the Pastoral Team and we work collaboratively to provide care and guidance for our young people, both in and out of the classroom.

We value our partnerships with parents and carers, and regular meetings are encouraged.

If you require any further or more detailed information, please contact Mrs J. Egleton.


Information regarding the Havering Local Offer can be accessed at www.havering.gov.uk/directory

Information relating to Special Educational Needs/Additional Needs: 

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sycamore Trust:      


National Autistic Society:


Great Ormond Street information pack:




Add+Up Support Group:


NHS information:


Great Ormond Street information pack:


SNAP charity

Contact - SNAP Charity

Tourette Syndrome

Tourette syndrome | Great Ormond Street Hospital (gosh.nhs.uk)‚Äč

Tourette_and_making_friends_F1129_A4_bw_FINAL_Oct16_0.pdf (gosh.nhs.uk)

Tourette_and_school_F0264_A4_bw_FINAL_Oct16_1.pdf (gosh.nhs.uk)

TS_and_sleep_F1910_A4_bw_FINAL_Jul18.pdf (gosh.nhs.uk)

Below are a variety of documents for parents and pupils to download to support online safety. Additionally, parents and pupils can follow us on Twitter to get details about the latest online trends and games.

If you have any concerns about a pupil's online behaviour, please contact their Head of Year or Mrs Egleton our Designated Safeguarding Lead. 

Esafety is taught as part of the ICT curriculum. Online safety is also covered in both form time and assemblies each term; as well as being explored in Cultural Studies during the summer term. 

For more support please see the three other pages in this section:

Monitoring your child's online world.

Online support for pupils.

The online risks to adolescents. 

These pages contain helpful hints, tips and links to support the children in our community staying safe online.