Emerson Park Academy

Endeavour, Persevere, Achieve

Staff List

Head Teacher

Mr McGuinness

Deputy Head Teacher

Ms Blaize

Assistant Head Teachers

Dr Crawley

Mr Giles

Ms Heatley

Mr Hope

Mr Maguire

Associate Assistant Head Teacher

Mr Thurley

Business Manager

Ms Amponsah

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms Blaize 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms Heatley 

Safeguarding Staff

Ms Dolyak

Ms Edwards

Inclusion Lead (SEND)

Lead Practitioner for Inclusion ( including SENDCo ) Miss E Fuller

Designated Teacher for Looked After Students

Miss Dolyak

Heads of Year

Year 7 - Ms L. Mallen

Year 8 - Mr S. Higgins

Year 9 - Ms H. Dolyak

Year 10 - Mrs C. Mitchell and Ms C. Freeman

Year 11 - Mr J. Harris

Behaviour Support

Ms J. Fuller

Ms G. Brockwell

Arts Faculty

Head of Art - Mr D. Sunday

Teacher of Art - Ms N. Barrow

Business Studies Faculty

Teacher - Ms S. Bolger

Teacher - Mr N. Giles

English Faculty

Head of Faculty - Mrs D. Connolly

2nd in Faculty - Ms K Douglas

More Able Coordinator - Miss E. Shepherd

EAL Coordinator - Miss E. Maunder

Teacher - Ms K. Blaize

Teacher - Ms E. Coupe

Teacher - Miss H. Dolyak

Teacher - Miss E. Fuller

Teacher - Ms C. Justham

Teacher - Miss N. Heatley

Teacher - Mrs L. Holmes

Teacher - Mrs J. Riches

Design Technology Faculty

Head of Faculty - Miss L. Boyse

Lead Practitioner - Mr K. Delahunty

Teacher of Food Technology - Mr A. Allon

Teacher of D.T. - Mr Reynolds

Humanities Faculty

Head of Geography - Mr B. Cannon

Head of History - Mrs C. Caffull

Teacher of Geography - Mr M. Hope

Teacher of History - Mr R. Nelson

Teacher of History - Mr A. Paterson

Teacher of History - Mrs A. Ragbir

Teacher of Geography - Ms C. Salter

Teacher of Geography - Mr S. Thurley

Inclusion Faculty

Lead Practitioner for Inclusion ( including SENDCo)- Miss E Fuller


Additional Needs Team

SENDCo- Miss E Fuller

Literacy Intervention Teacher- Mrs J Bailey

Lead Learning Coach (iClass & ASDAN)- Miss C Marsland- Barker

Lead Learning Coach (ELSA)- Mrs A Hall

Lead Learning Coach - Mrs K Orme

Learning Coach- Miss R Priestley

Learning Coach - Mrs K Roach

Learning Coach: Miss H Stanton

EAL Team

EAL Coordinator- Miss E Maunder

iClass Team

iClass Manager- Mrs H Sillett

Lead Learning Coach (iClass & ASDAN) - Miss C Marsland- Barker

Lead Practitioner for Inclusion ( including SENDCo) - Miss E Fuller

Numeracy Intervention Teacher- Mrs D Jones

Assistant to SENDCo & I Class Manager - Miss C Fisher

Well-being Team

Senior Mental Health Lead- Miss E Fuller

Senior Mental Health Lead- Miss A Edwards

 Information Technology Faculty

Head of ICT - Mr Abbas 

Teacher - Mr F. Hamza

Teacher - Mrs B. Sumbal

Maths Faculty

Head of Faculty - Mr P. Sharma

Second in Faculty - Mr A. Kerr

Head of Statistics - Mrs K. Ellis

Teacher - Mr N. Drinan

Teacher - Mrs D. Jones

Teacher - Mr J. Maguire

Teacher - Mr J. Parry

Teacher - Ms K. Cremer

Media Studies

Head of Department - Mrs K. Morris

Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Faculty - Mr C. Deane

Lead Practitioner - Mrs H. Purcell

Teacher - Ms L. Hachad

Teacher - Mrs E Murrizi

Performing Arts

Head of Music - Mr D. Milner-Pearce

Teacher of Music - Mrs L. Baykan

Teacher of Drama - Ms D. Harvey

Physical Education

Head of Faculty - Mr N. Reynolds

Teacher - Miss Edwards

Teacher - Mrs N. Francis

Teacher - Mr J. Harris

Teacher - Mr S. Higgins

Teacher - Mrs C. Mitchell

Teacher - Mrs A. Turner

Teacher - Mr S. Wheeler

Science Faculty

Head of Faculty - Mrs S. Gallimore

Lead Practitioner - Mr S. Murray

Teacher - Mr P. Brickley

Teacher - Ms F. Fullerton

Teacher - Mr D. Vango

Social Science

Head of Faculty including Careers - Ms C. Hampton

Teacher of Cultural Studies / Health and Social Care - Dr C. Crawley

Teacher of Cultural Studies - Mr R. Nelson

Teacher of Cultural Studies - Mrs C. Freeman

Teacher of Cultural Studies / Health and Social Care - Ms. K.Morris

Teacher of Cultural Studies - Mr S. Wheeler

Administration Team

Mrs Beney - Head Teacher's PA/ Office Manager

Mrs Smith - Assistant Business Manager

Mrs Haselden - Medical Officer / Reception

Mrs Garet - Admin Support / Reception

Mrs E Callender - Administrative Assistant

Mrs Sargent - Cover Manager / Admissions

Mrs Savage - Attendance Officer

Mrs Surridge - Finance Assistant

Mrs Whiting - Exams Officer

Mrs Letch - Data / Admin Support Assistant

Mrs Sillett - I-Class Manager

Miss Brooks - Communications Coordinator

Ms Foster - Reprographics

Site Team

Mrs Tonks - Facilities Manager

Mrs Loughlin

Mrs Snellin

IT Support Team

Mr Chowdhury - ICT Systems Manager

Mr Adams - ICT Technician

DT Support Team

Mrs Baker - Technician

Mrs Joseph - Technician

Science Support Team

Mrs Bass - Senior Technician

Mrs Styles-Hendrie - Technician

Mrs Abbott - Technician


Mr Iginla

Mr Reino

Midday Assistants

Mrs Thorn

Miss Bright

Mrs Snellin