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STATISTICS  Intent and  Implementation Statement

At Emerson Park Academy we realise that Statistics are everywhere and the way numbers are presented or manipulated shape our understanding of the world. Therefore the study of Statistics is to allow pupils to understand how it explains the world around us and enables them to make sense of everyday situations forging links between topics and establish connections to real life context.


Our aim is for all pupils to acquire a deep, long term, secure and adaptable understanding of Statistics and to be able to realise that Statistics is not just collecting a lot of numbers but is collecting numbers for a purpose. We want pupils to observe how Statistics changes numbers into information and embed critical and analytic thinking skills which in turn will give them the self-assurance and capability on interpretation, which is more and more needed in everyday life, as statistical ideas form connections, binding together many other subjects which is great importance to anything which helps integrate into one unity and prevent becoming different compartments.


Our curriculum is designed to allow pupils to follow a data cycle in the order they would carry out investigation

  • Specify the problem and plan
  • Collect the data
  • Process and display the data
  • Interpret and discuss the results

In all part of the cycles they learn through tasks linked to real life event, situations, scenarios and actual life data, this way they can make connections clearly and relate to easier, from this they can build on each part, making decisions when there is uncertainty, to get an endpoint. All be it the one they wanted or whether they need to start again, which is what carrying an investigation can be all about, so a valuable skill of drive and resilience is taught especially as we make decisions all the time in everyday life and as part of our careers.


Numeracy, literacy and terminology is embedded through every part of the data cycle to allow pupils to improve their accuracy and techniques needed for clarification which allows pupils to develop skills that are essential to their academic success and important to the world we live in as Statistics helps us to make better choices.

  • The competence to read graphs and charts is vital in recognizing the world we live in through its representation in newspapers, television, books and elsewhere.
  • The ability to be aware of and evaluate arguments presented in a statistical manner on a range of issues is important to our individual and collective well being.
  • The aptitude to undertake investigations, prepare reports and present cases are an essential part of many occupations. Reading and critically evaluating reports is also an important skill both for personal and business use.
  • On the personal level such knowledge enables us to understand the risks we take i.e. the stock market or with a medical operation.


Overall Statistics make sure pupils appreciate the world we live in today and bring out the best in all pupils to prepare them for success in life.