Emerson Park Academy

Endeavour, Persevere, Achieve

Study Skills and Revision Support

At Emerson Park Academy we aim for students to be independent and take responsibility for their learning. 

Students should plan and organise their workspace at home to ensure that homework is completed to the very best of their ability.

Year 11 - Examination Preparation

It helps to think of revision as training for the examination season and when you are training you will be best prepared if you are organised. If you plan and organise your time it will reduce your stress levels. So we have some blank timetables attached to this page for you to print off and adapt to your own personal situations. You will find a timetable for a typical school day and a timetable to use during holiday periods.

1. Post it notes – stick them all over the house in places you often walk past.

2. Highlight important information – on the post it notes, on your extended notes from school - everything stands out

better if you highlight it.

3. Make your notes colourful and neat. This is the same principle as the highlighting - colour makes things stand out and

if the notes are neat they will be much easier to quickly work through.

4. Make quizzes and questions for friends – use text messaging, e-mail, even paper and a pen.

5. Take breaks – if you concentrate for too long you switch off and won’t learn anything so only revise for short but intense


6. Give yourself rewards – you should have something to look forward to, whether it is food or a television programme. This will also give you a time limit for revision so you won’t get too bored.

7. Use all available resources – Satchel One, Google Classroom, the Internet, library, revision guides, friends notes, class notes, there are a variety of places to gather information and you should take full advantage of this.

8. Revision timetable – use it!