Emerson Park Academy

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The Dystopian Project

The Dystopian Project – an overview

  • Students will receive their own copy of a novel selected from the dystopian literature genre.
  • Students will be required to independently read this novel over the course of the programme.
  • Students will receive a unique workbook with one specific task to complete each week.
  • Students will be required to engage with critical theory, poetry, concepts and ideologies.

My aim for the programme is to develop and build critical thinking skills in order to help students develop their own interpretations of literature, art and history. The programme will require dedication, commitment and resilience but will hopefully be exceptionally rewarding for all of those students who chose to take part in this challenging opportunity.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for students to extend their skill set, to discuss and debate the world of dystopia and will act as great evidence for Sixth Form applications and University applications.