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Trip to Wadham College, Oxford

Year 10 ‘Aspiration Day’ at Wadham College

A little bit about Wadham College

Wadham has an excellent academic reputation, placing it high in the Norrington Table. They have around 70 Fellows and 40 lecturers who, along with professorial and research staff, create a thriving intellectual environment which encourages the best in everyone. With around 440 undergraduates and 200 graduate students, Wadham is one of Oxford’s largest colleges and offers most of the academic subjects that can be studied at the University.  However, it is far from being impersonal and is famous for its friendly, inclusive and welcoming culture. The College is proud of the diversity of its student body and proud to be in the vanguard of efforts to broaden access to the University of Oxford.

Aspiration Day

15 of our fantastic Year 10 students had the unique experience of visiting University of Oxford’s Wadham College for the day on Tuesday 19th November. Students participated in two academic taster sessions, led by PhD tutors, based on ideas surrounding Neuroscience and International Development. The sessions introduced students to university-level study, showed students the enthusiasm researchers have for their subjects, and inspired our students to learn independently.

Our students were taken on a tour of the university grounds by current third year students of Wadham College. They explore the chapels, the lecture theatres and halls of residence.

All of our students left motivated and excited about their possible future at the University of Oxford! All in all, a fantastic experience!.