Emerson Park Academy

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School Uniform/Standards of Appearance

We have a smart and practical uniform which must be worn during school hours and when pupils travel to and from the Academy. Pupils must at all times conduct themselves properly and with courtesy, so as to bring credit to themselves and their parents, whilst also presenting a good image of the Academy to the community.

PLEASE NOTE: all uniform in the first table can only be purchased from our authorised supplier: Havering Schoolwear, 160-162 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, RM11 1QH (www.haveringschoolwear.co.uk). For your convenience, during term time only you will be able to have items delivered to Emerson Park Academy. At the checkout, click on ‘click and collect’ and in the notes section before you complete the order, write ‘deliver to Emerson Park Academy’, along with your child’s name and form group. Delivery will take place within 5 working days.


Compulsory school uniform items


Navy Blue blazer with school emblem embroidered on pocket.


Navy Blue (clip-on) embroidered with school emblem and house colour stripe.


Navy Blue V-necked embroidered with school emblem.


EPA Design in House colour


Popcorn Shorts (EPA design – two pairs recommended)


Dry-Tech Polo Shirt (EPA design)


EPA design


EPA design


EPA design

Other compulsory uniform items


Black Trousers (traditional style only)

SKIRT (Girls)

Navy Blue box-pleat skirt.


Plain white (button up to neck)


(Boys)   Dark coloured socks

(Girls)   White knee-length socks, no bows or frills / plain black tights


Plain black leather shoes with an enclosed toe. For further information please see below and refer to the ‘Footwear Guide’ located on our website for images of the types of footwear allowed and not permitted in school.

PE Kit

PE Bag

Football Boots

Training Shoes

White Ankle Socks

Gum Shield

Shin Pads


Other Optional items for Physical Education


EPA Design ONLY – (supplied by Havering Schoolwear)

All uniform should be marked with your child’s name

The school blazer must be worn at all times going to and from lessons.

In the rare circumstances your child is not present in the correct uniform, a note from yourself to your child’s form tutor helps to keep everyone informed.

Shoes – Plain black leather shoes with an enclosed toe.

Unacceptable footwear includes:

  • All types of trainers
  • Any sports logo on footwear
  • Converse type shoes
  • Plimsoll-like shoes
  • Designer shoes/trainers e.g. Prada

Should your child come to school in unacceptable footwear they will be expected to borrow a pair of school shoes for the day.

Outdoor coat – Your child can wear a black outdoor coat only (current Y10-Y11 may wear a dark coat but we encourage a black coat). Coats must be worn over your child’s blazer. Hoodies and Dri-Fit tops are not permitted.

Jewellery - The only jewellery permitted is a watch. Any piercings must be carried out at the start of the summer holidays and removed before the start of the new term.

Airpods/Headphones are not permitted. 

Mobile phones must be turned off and not visible. Please do not message or call your school. If you need to get a message to your child during the day, please contact the school office.

If your child is wearing or carrying non-permitted items, they will be confiscated and returned to them at the end of the school day.

Acrylic/painted nails are not allowed. Please ensure acrylic/painted nails are removed before returning to school after any holiday period.

Make-up should be discrete (no false lashes or high brows).

Hair should be neat and tidy, we do not allow pupils to have extreme hair styles, colours, or certain types of head wear. 

The Academy does not allow:

  • Haircuts shorter than a number 2, or if scalp can be seen, then the cut is not acceptable
  • Mohicans
  • Dyed hair, unless of a natural colour. No unnatural colours (e.g. pink, blue purple, pillar box red, green etc.)
  • Tram lines/logos patterns or cuts to hair or eyebrows
  • Large Flowers/Diamante Head Bands, etc.

Hair ribbons and accessories – minimal, navy blue or black only.

If these expectations are not adhered to then the school will take disciplinary action, pupils will be asked to attend our internal inclusion room until the matter is rectified.

Should you have any doubts about the suitability of any school uniform or matters relating to your child’s appearance, please contact the school and ask to speak to your child’s Head of Year.