Emerson Park Academy

Endeavour, Persevere, Achieve

Year 8


After a year of settling in and establishing themselves as members of the Emerson Park Community, we now look forward to the year ahead. In Year 8, we aim to build further upon the development and progression already made, both academically and socially.

Myself and Dr Crawley (Assistant Head Teacher, linked to Year 8) will work collaboratively to ensure that Emerson Park Academy is a place where young people can enjoy and invest in their education and begin to thrive in a dynamic and purposeful learning environment. Together we will strive to exceed the Academy’s expectations, focusing on the following:


—  Personal Appearance

—  Attendance and Punctuality

—  Respect and Friendship

—  Working to the best of our ability

—  Contribution to school life

The Academy’s ethos is to Endeavour. Persevere. Achieve. Through this, I hope to instil the required enthusiasm and passion needed, for the development of our next generation to become well-rounded members of society. By building a strong community and working together with students towards success, we all have the opportunity to become the best version of ourselves.

We hope that all students will take the opportunity to contribute to school life by involving themselves in the wide variety of extra-curricular activities available to them. This doesn’t just include our developed Sports Programme but also within our Science, Languages and Arts Faculties.

I look forward working alongside the students of year 8 in their journey to success.

Miss Tolan