Emerson Park Academy

Endeavour, Persevere, Achieve

Year 9

It gives me great pleasure to continue with this cohort in to Year 9; a cohort where students have gone above and beyond to achieve personal success in Year 8 in various accomplishments.

As the oldest students in Key Stage 3, Year 9s are now seen as role models to the lower school. I hope that they take this opportunity to inspire the students in the lower year’s whilst persevering in their own endeavours both academically and socially.

As they progress through the year, they will be faced with the opportunity to choose their individual ‘Options’ which will decide the GCSE courses they undergo in Key Stage 4. In the approach to this, students should ensure they invest in their education by engaging all in subject areas in order to make a mature and informed selection of Courses.

As a year group, we will persevere to show: Personal Excellence, Respect and Friendship to our peers, Inspiration to others, as well as Determination and Courage and Equality.

I look forward to another successful year ahead.‚Äč

Mr Harris

Head of Year 9