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Young Reporter Scheme

What is the Young Reporter Scheme?

The Young Reporter scheme is a schools programme giving students aged 14-18 an opportunity to write for a real live online newspaper. The programme runs for eight months during the school term, with various opportunities offered along the way.

At the end of the scheme students are judged on the articles they have submitted throughout the year and an awards ceremony is held for the winners.


What is involved?

• Students sign up for eight months writing one article per month
• ALL articles are published on our online newspapers
• The scheme runs from September 2020 through to April 2021
• All those completing the scheme receive a written recommendation
• At the end of the scheme, there is a chance to go forward and compete for prizes
• Winners receive an undergraduate day at a London University
• Top thirty-three students attend a Media Award Ceremony
• One student from each age group becomes the face of 2020/21
• Students doing Duke of Edinburgh can do the scheme as one of their skills